Filtering half-masks FFP2 NR of the PRAESIDIUM brand

Filtering half masks

Half mask respirator is a complete piece of respiratory protection, consisting partly of high grade filter material.

Filtering half-masks are designed exclusively for protection of the respiratory tract against non-poisonous solid and liquid particles such as dusts, fumes, aerosols and mists.

Filtering protective masks FFP2 NR provides effective antibacterial and antiviral protection for up to 8 hours.

Protective masks are available in white, black. They also come in a variety of packs including flowpack of 1 or 2 pieces, cartons of 3, 5, 10, 20 or 30 pieces.

Profiled masks Model F

Profiled safety masks
Model F disposable

Protective profile masks Medical standard F model by PRAESIDIUM is a product that guarantees safety and comfort of wearing. The masks have the shape of a FFP2 filtering half-mask, thanks to which it is more adapted to the shape of the face and gives greater wearing comfort.

The recommended wearing time for 1 junior medical mask is 1.5 hours/mask.

The masks are available in black in a pack of 3.

PRAESIDIUM Medical Masks Type IIR

Medical masks
three-layer Type IIR

Our most popular product for sales to European markets is the Type II R three-layer medical mask.

This type of mask is characterised by a high level of antibacterial filtration, protects against pathogenic microorganisms spread by droplets. The raw material for this type of mask is two layers of Spounbond non-woven fabric and Meltblown filter fabric. The outer layer can be of any colour - blue is the most commonly used.

The masks are available in several colours: white, green, blue, black in boxes of 50 pieces.

Protective masks

Currently, every person in Poland over the age of 2 is obliged to wear a protective mask. Regardless of their effectiveness, protective masks are compulsory. Protective masks are designed to interrupt transmission of the virus and limit its spread. Protective masks are currently available in practically every shop. However, we should remember that it is definitely more effective to approved protective maskbought from a place that sells mainly personal protection products. Protective masks should, above all, be as effective as possible and tailored to us. They should be used by both sick and healthy people. We should remember that viruses are transmitted by droplets. A protective mask can protect us against this.

Disposable surgical masks

Mostly used in the workplace or in public spaces are disposable surgical masks. They are the easiest to buy, simple to use and have the lowest cost per unit. Their function is to filter the air. This is due to their multi-layer construction. They are designed to filter the air and the actual the creation of a physical barrier between the mucous membranes and the various pollutants that lurk in the air. Mask one-off It is convenient in that it is simply thrown away after use. Therefore, there is no risk of transferring the viruses collected on it to yourself. Disposable surgical masks provide a sufficient level of protection against viruses. However, it is important to remember not to use them for too long. As the name suggests, this is a disposable protective mask. Such products should be used as recommended. When we are dealing with a droplet infection, we have no way of noticing it.

Filtering half masks, i.e. FFP2 and FFP3 type masks

Filtering half masks provide a very high level of protection. This type of protective mask ensures that our airways and mucous membranes are much more tightly protected than other masks protective. Thanks to a filtration system, these protective masks provide much better purification of the air we breathe in. For a protective mask to be effective, it must be used in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations. These are reusable protective masks. Reusable products are much more practical and environmentally friendly. A protective mask must be stored properly after use so that subsequent use is completely safe and effective. Many products are not used as recommended by the manufacturer.

In order to be effective, a protective mask must above all be worn correctly and snugly on the face. In public places we must cover our mouth and nose. This is a legal requirement. Protective masks are an essential tool for protection against micro-organisms, so it is important that we use only tested products. Our health is a priority and it is up to us to decide whether we use disposable or reusable masks. Safety is particularly important now.

from TW Plast World

During the 2 years of our company's existence, I have some important dates that have been a stepping stone for us to grow with the highest quality of our products.

Responding to market needs and guidelines related to the pandemic in March 2021, we started the production of FFP2 NR Filtering Half Mask.
In October and November 2020, we managed to reach and start cooperating with the largest retail chains in Poland. We currently supply medical masks, which ultimately can be bought by the customer on the shelf in the shop, but also our masks protect employees.
The three-layer Type II is designed to protect us from pathogenic microorganisms or harmful airborne particles.
In September 2019, we launched our first plant primarily producing stretch films, of which ECO STRETCH film is our flagship product. Our product range also includes promotional bags, including HDPE with PZH approval.

TW Plast is not only masks medical

At the Production Plant in Drwalewice, we manufacture polyethylene (PE) products, i.e. stretch film, eco film, food film, HDPE / LDPE commercial bags, HDPE / LDPE sacks and pouches.

Our production technology is based on the elimination of waste and its reuse, which contributes to environmental protection

Medical masks

We manufacture Type II and FFP2 medical masks for Polish and European markets.

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We manufacture foil products for many applications

Innovative products

These are products to help us take better care of our own health and well-being

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