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As a Company who whom safety is of utmost importance, we care to wear safe masks on our faces. Masks that will offer protection. Education is our primary role and our goal because we believe that only owing to appropriately applied and worn medical masks, we can assure safety to the elderly, the sick, and all of us. Our idea is simple: let us wear the masks responsibly; let us protect ourselves and our families.


Countries for whose markets where we produce masks medical and protective masks


Modern factories on the territory of Poland-wide


We provide jobs for over three hundred people in total

TW Plast Sp. z o.o. implements a joint project with SGGW in Warsaw. Pannounce details

Medical masks

We manufacture Type II and FFP2 medical masks for Polish and European markets.

Foil products

We manufacture foil products for many applications

Innovative products

These are products to help us take better care of our own health and well-being

TW Plast Sp. z o.o. is the owner of the PRAESIDIUM brand.

Polish manufacturer
of protective masks

Medical masks are aimed at protecting us against pathogens, namely harmful particles floating in the air. During the pandemic, they are to reduce the spread of SARS-COV-2 virus. Find out more about TW Plast Sp. z o.o. Manufacture of plastic and foil materials.

Manufacture of
plastic and foil materials.

At production plant No. 1 in Drwalewice, we manufacture stretch foil, HDPE bags, etc.

All our products are fully certified

We care for the top quality of our products. Therefore, our products in the medical category are fully certified. Other products have attestations, e.g. from the National Institute of Hygiene (PZH).

We care for the natural environment
and our planet.

At the production plant in Drwalewice, we have our own line where we process production waste and make it into a raw material that we reuse in production.

As the company grows, more and more of our products find their way to European markets

A good example is our Type IIR medical masks, which are distributed to retailers in Europe:

We are developing at
a fast pace. We are the leader.

Within two years of the company's existence, we already have three production plants. We have established cooperation with the largest retail chains in Poland and we are constantly gaining new customers.   

We take care of
our products’ appearance.

We adapt the packaging of our products to the needs of the market as well as to their attractiveness. 

from TW Plast World

During the 2 years of our company's existence, I have some important dates that have been a stepping stone for us to grow with the highest quality of our products.

Responding to market needs and guidelines related to the pandemic in March 2021, we started the production of FFP2 NR Filtering Half Mask.
In October and November 2020, we managed to reach and start cooperating with the largest retail chains in Poland. We currently supply medical masks, which ultimately can be bought by the customer on the shelf in the shop, but also our masks protect employees.
The three-layer Type II is designed to protect us from pathogenic microorganisms or harmful airborne particles.
In September 2019, we launched our first plant primarily producing stretch films, of which ECO STRETCH film is our flagship product. Our product range also includes promotional bags, including HDPE with PZH approval.

The last months drew the attention of the entire world to the health-related safety and protection measures. Consequences of infection with the virus were discussed, as well as diseases caused. It was deliberated how to secure oneself using simple and available methods. Naturally, the first step was to reach for surgical masks that posed safe protective barriers against bacteria.

Manufacturer of protective masks - why is it worth reaching for Polish products?

The beginnings of the fights against the omnipresent pandemic were not easy. Millions of medical masks sold out in a glance, and people waited for masks to protect their health. The media kept talking about new deliveries of masks with certificates, while pharmacies had none as a result. In that heated time, Polish manufacturer of protective masks moved forward with the mask production to meet the needs in Poland.

At the beginnings of the pandemic, we had to face many problems and obstacles. On the one hand, masks were unavailable. But if one wanted to get to a shop, the work, or public places, protective masks were required. It was mandatory to cover the nose and the face, so people attempted various alternative solutions, like scarves. The law was, however, ruthless because, according to applicable regulations, top quality masks were required, including disposable surgical masks, if possible.

Disposable masks - trust Polish products

Throughout that time, TW Plast adapted its production line to medical mask manufacture. Already in March 2021, the production of FFP2 NR filtration half mask was launched to meet current social needs through offering them at retail networks. The manufacturer proposed affordable prices, and stores maintained them. This coincided with more restrictive regulations related to another wave of the infections, and new national followed by regional restrictions. In order to restore minimum level of normal living conditions, healthy people were compelled to wear protective masks in closed spaces. Following the new rules, as well as the dropping number of new cases, could be contribute to the economy by allowing restaurants, hotels to open and to save thousands of jobs.

Health and safety have become a priority to all of us. Disposable masks which raised so many doubts months ago are now the first protective measure. We have also started to take more care about our health. Disinfection, distance, and wearing medical masks have become a daily habit.

Polish Medical Masks Producer

TW Plast is a young Company who can boast entering onto the Polish market in 2019. At first, the business was to focus around stretch foil and polypropylene materials. The market needs, however, and the perpetual absence of the masks triggered the decision to quickly adapt the production line for products dedicated to healthcare.

The Company quickly acquired the first clients: retail networks that gradually introduced disposable masks into their offer. Apart from improving and extending the production, TW Plast provided commercial information about new products: apart from standard three-layer masks the offer was now also to include IIR Type surgical masks and F Model, followed by FFP2 NR. Owing to the top quality of the products and their greater availability, TW Plast made life easier for many Poles. Everyone could buy protective masks at stores to effectively fight the coronavirus.

It is surprising how the world has changed in recent months. Until recently, we associated disposable masks with an item of clothing for doctors. Today, everyone is equipped with one, wearing them in public places. Protective masks can also be bought in any shop, even grocery shops, when previously they were reserved exclusively for pharmacies.

If you represent the retail industry and are looking for a Polish manufacturer to supply protective masks for sale, please contact our sales department. We will be happy to prepare an offer for you.


Stretch film is currently one of the most popular materials for product packaging and protection. It is characterised by high elasticity and can therefore be used to wrap small objects. TW Plast is the first company in Europe to have stretch film complying with the requirements of the German DER BLAUE ANGEL (DBA) certificate. Stretch film is used in many branches of commerce and beyond. Securing products with stretch film is very convenient and, above all, safe.

Stretch film is manufactured from plastic pellets. In addition, as much as 80% of the raw material making up the stretch film is in the form of re-granulate. This is a material that comes from recycled sources. TW Plast has its own line for processing production waste and making it into raw materials for re-use in production. TW Plast pays special attention to ecology. Because our films are produced in this way, we contribute to the elimination of waste. We take care of the ecology of our production. Stretch film is often used for wrapping various types of parcels. In times when sales have largely moved to the Internet, stretch film is used much more frequently than in the past.

We offer stretch film sold in hand rolls in thicknesses from 0.08-0.35 mm and with stretch maintained in the 150% standard. The same machine stretch film is also available. In addition, on request we are able to select stretch foils suitable for individualised needs. Stretch film from TW Plast will certainly prove useful in any business. Properly selected is able to satisfy the needs of any market.

Food Stretch Film

Food stretch film is very widely used in the food industry, trade and in households during everyday activities. With its help, we can quickly and easily pack and store our food protected by food film. This protects the food from spoilage and mechanical damage.

Film stratch food grade is characterised by its transparency and very high stretchability. It is very efficient and practical. Using this type of packaging to protect food protects it from drying out, the penetration of odours and maintains its freshness.

Food stretch film It is used for packaging food products. The stretch film from TW Plast meets all packaging criteria. This type of film is suitable and safe for storing food products. With stretch film you can protect your products without worry.

The use of stretch film is common in shops. TW Plast provides the highest quality and appropriate properties. Wrapping food in stretch film is completely safe and will definitely have the desired effect. Stretch film is currently one of the most attractive packaging materials for a wide variety of products.

TW Plast is not only masks medical

At the Production Plant in Drwalewice, we manufacture polyethylene (PE) products, i.e. stretch film, eco film, food film, HDPE / LDPE commercial bags, HDPE / LDPE sacks and pouches.

Our production technology is based on the elimination of waste and its reuse, which contributes to environmental protection

Medical masks

We manufacture Type II and FFP2 medical masks for Polish and European markets.

Foil products

We manufacture foil products for many applications

Innovative products

These are products to help us take better care of our own health and well-being

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