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Stretch film is one of the most popular products for packaging and protecting products.

Our film is the first in Europe to meet the stringent requirements of the most important certifications.

To production of stretch film We use plastic pellets, of which as much as 80% of the raw material is in the form of re-granulate, i.e. recycled material.

We have our own line in the factory where we process production waste and create raw material from it, which we reuse in production.

Thanks to production of ECO STRETCH film we protect the environment by eliminating waste.

We offer film in manual and machine rolls in thicknesses from 17 mic to 30 mic with stretch in the 150% standard. Depending on the customer's needs, we are able to select an appropriate type of film with individually adjusted parameters.

Polish brand TW Plast

Food Stretch Film

Food wrap is widely used in the food industry as well as in trade and households. It is indispensable wherever there is a need for appropriate packaging, storage and protection of foodstuffs.

It is characterised by high transparency and stretchability, making it very efficient and cheap to use. In addition, it protects products from drying, oxidation, loss of taste, penetration of odours, extends their freshness and protects them from contamination.

Food stretch film meets the criteria for packaging and packaging waste defined in Directive 94/62/EC and the requirements of Directive 2002/72/EC for materials and articles intended for contact with food. The product has a safety certificate and PZH certificate.

We offer the film in manual and machine rolls, as well as in various colours: clear, green, blue and in thicknesses from 8 mic to 12 mic.

Advertisement producer - TW Plast

HDPE bags

Another product we use every day is HDPE commercials available in many shops.

We produce them in blow moulding technology. The raw material here is also plastic granulate.  

Depending on customer needs, we offer commercials in various sizes and thicknesses. As well as advertising bags with prints, including double-sided prints.

Among our offerings, we also offer advertising bags with a degrading additive, the so-called EKO.

Stretch film 

As a Polish film manufacturer, we create diverse packaging and biodegradable advertising bags with additional prints. We also produce stretch films which can be used to transport and store foodstuffs. We have a wide range of production facilities and our products are sold to many industrial and food sectors. Our wide product range includes goods that are widely used in transport and logistics.

Stretch film manufactured with care for the environment

We offer ecological stretch films which meet very high conditions in the context of caring for the environment. In our ECO films The recycling process is carried out using 80% of recycled material. The entire process of transforming used materials into new products takes place directly in our company. We have a number of modern industrial recycling machines at our disposal, which is why the buyer can be sure that ECO films come from a trusted source. At the same time, ecological stretches They have optimum usability values. The tapes have high stretchability and can be successfully used to wrap pallets. Once unrolled, the film rolls stabilise the goods and prevent product packaging from moving on the pallet. Ecological film can also be used to wrap other goods, such as large machinery, equipment or furniture - not only on pallets. The use of foil also protects packaging from moisture, e.g. when leaving goods in the open air.

HDPE bags and their uses

Popular nets - HDPE bags, which is in fact commercialsThe packaging film, which can be found in most shops, is another film produced by our company. Offered shopping bags They are used to secure small items that we pack when shopping. At the same time, they have a reinforced design and appropriate thickness. At the customer's request, we adjust their grammage and size, thanks to which the company receives a personalised set of bags also for advertising use. The products we offer can be completed with company prints and marketing content, including colourful graphic symbols. We also have an ecological type of foil with an admixture of substances accelerating the degradation of the bag. This type of packaging decomposes faster.

We have safety film for food packaging

Our offer also includes products that can be used for packing food products. The foil does not react with food, so it can be used to pack such items as: meat, sandwiches, vegetables, fruit, vegetable salads or sweets. There is quite a lot of applications for such foil. The foil can be used for industrial purposes, packing manufactured food. Articles wrapped in this way stay fresh longer. The physical barrier in the form of foil makes the product does not lose its taste and smell. Protected articles do not absorb odours from the outside, while being protected from the effects of dirt.

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During the 2 years of our company's existence, I have some important dates that have been a stepping stone for us to grow with the highest quality of our products.

Responding to market needs and guidelines related to the pandemic in March 2021, we started the production of FFP2 NR Filtering Half Mask.
In October and November 2020, we managed to reach and start cooperating with the largest retail chains in Poland. We currently supply medical masks, which ultimately can be bought by the customer on the shelf in the shop, but also our masks protect employees.
The three-layer Type II is designed to protect us from pathogenic microorganisms or harmful airborne particles.
In September 2019, we launched our first plant primarily producing stretch films, of which ECO STRETCH film is our flagship product. Our product range also includes promotional bags, including HDPE with PZH approval.

TW Plast is not only masks medical

At the Production Plant in Drwalewice, we manufacture polyethylene (PE) products, i.e. stretch film, eco film, food film, HDPE / LDPE commercial bags, HDPE / LDPE sacks and pouches.

Our production technology is based on the elimination of waste and its reuse, which contributes to environmental protection

Medical masks

We manufacture Type II and FFP2 medical masks for Polish and European markets.

Foil products

We manufacture foil products for many applications

Innovative products

These are products to help us take better care of our own health and well-being

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