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A return to indoor masks?

The number of people infected with COVID-19 is increasing by the day, and there is growing concern with the occurrence of a possible next wave of cases in the autumn. Health Minister Adam Niedzielski reassures the public. He says that the most significant thing is that the hospitalisation rate is decreasing with each new wave. This means that COVID-19 causes less and less damage to our bodies and is therefore no longer as dangerous. Patients need to be hooked up to a ventilator less and less often and, as a result, even when hospitalisation occurs, it takes less time. As of 12 July 2022, the number of people connected to a ventilator did not exceed 20. In contrast, 540 COVID-19 patients were hospitalised. Furthermore, the Minister of Health has assured that there will be no renewed closure of gyms, restaurants and other venues in the autumn. He also expects no restrictions on hospital admissions and no restrictions on medical aid sites. However, it is already recommended that older people wear masks indoors in public places from now on. The WHO director-general has alerted governments in all countries and called for some restrictions to be implemented.

Protective masks

Currently in Poland, we are not obliged to cover our mouths and noses indoors. The epidemic situation calmed down in spring to such an extent that all restrictions were lifted. Initially, the obligation to cover mouth and nose in the open air disappeared, and then we stopped wearing masks in public places in enclosed spaces. Previously, every trip to the shop involved a protective mask. The masks protected us from pollutants and any microbes. On our own, we are unable to protect ourselves from them because they are invisible to the eye. Several types of masks have appeared on the market and they differ in the degree of protection against viruses and bacteria. Not all masks have the same purpose, which is why they are used in different ways. Many people, despite not being obliged to wear masks, continue to use them for their own safety and mental comfort.

The role of protective masks

The use of protective masks is very important if we want to avoid droplet transmission of viruses. Bacteria are transmitted by the droplet route and wearing a mask significantly reduces their ability to move from person to person. A person infected with COVID-19 coughing and sneezing spreads the virus to people in the vicinity. If the sick person does not cover their mouth and nose, the virus can spread even to people a few metres away. Therefore, if you are in a large group of people, there is a considerable risk of infection. We will not even know who transmitted the disease to us. Furthermore, the infected person does not even have to cough or sneeze to become infected. Even when speaking, droplets come out of our mouths invisibly. Many people pass the infection completely asymptomatic and without even knowing that they may be infecting those around them. 

The mask limits the spread of droplet contaminants. Transmission to other people then becomes significantly reduced. When both the sick person and the healthy person are wearing protective masks, the path of the virus becomes more difficult. After all, we have double protection. Droplets of infected secretions are partially retained on the material protective mask a healthy person. Thus, inhalation of viruses into one's respiratory tract is greatly minimised. The SARS CoV-2 virus is not visible to the naked eye and we do not always know that we are in contact with a sick person. Some people pass the disease asymptomatically. In addition, infecting others and spreading often begins before any symptoms of the disease appear. We do not regard people who do not cough or sneeze as a threat. We do not then see that even during conversation or simple breathing, pathogenic virus particles escape from the mouth and nose of the sick person. Wearing protective masks significantly reduces the transmission of coronavirus. It is estimated that the risk of infection is reduced by up to half.

Disposable surgical masks

Disposable surgical masks are the most popular in the community. Their role is to filter the air, by creating a real barrier between our mucous membranes and the contaminants that threaten us. Bacteria directed towards us then have their path blocked and cannot necessarily reach us. Such masks are convenient because we can throw them away after one use. If we are wearing one disposable maskThis provides protection against the larger virus particles. They form a very effective barrier. Because they need to be replaced constantly, it is best to buy them in large packs. Then they will last longer. It is always a good idea to carry several masks with you. Although it is not currently compulsory to cover your mouth and nose, it is still a good idea to protect yourself when you are in a crowded place. We never know what kind of people we are around when we are in a public place.

Non-medical masks 

Non-medical masks are those that are made of one or more layers of material without certification. This means that they have not been subjected to any regulation and we do not really know what their effectiveness is. The microbial permeability has not been tested. They definitely provide less protection than approved masks. On the plus side, they are reusable and washable. It can certainly be said that they are certainly not useless. Any form of nose and mouth covering is better than none at all. It is also important to cover up quite tightly and to cover both the mouth and the night. Covering the mouth alone is not effective enough. 

Filtering half masks (FFP2 and FFP3 masks)

These are special-purpose products. They have been developed precisely to protect us from droplet transmission of viruses. They have filtering properties and provide us with the highest level of protection we can obtain. They fit tightly to the skin of the face, making our respiratory tract and mucous membranes tightly protected. They are designed primarily for medical personnel. It is those working in healthcare facilities who are most exposed to the virus. FFP2 and FFP3 masks ensure air purification. As a result, the person using such a mask breathes in significantly cleaner air. Microorganisms are retained in the mask thanks to a filtering system. This prevents virus particles from reaching our respiratory tract. Of course, nothing gives us 100% protection, but it is definitely a good way to minimise the risk of getting sick. Such simple prevention gives us a good chance of not getting infected coronavirus

N95 masks 

They provide a similar level of protection to FFP2 masks. They are able to stop particles down to 0.5 micrometres in diameter. They should not be used for long periods, as overuse can lead to respiratory problems. In the long run, it will simply be harmful to health and dangerous for some people. So it is essential to use them according to the manufacturer's recommendations.

Proven mask shops

Company TW Plast distributes masks on a global scale. As a result, the manufacturer places great emphasis on the comfort of the masks. Wearing a protective mask is supposed to be non-invasive and as unobtrusive as possible. The correct use of masks has an impact on the health and life of many people. We should remember that covid is not only a disease, but also the numerous complications that occur afterwards.

Back to protective masks

Currently in Poland, we do not have to wear protective masks. In fact, most countries in the world are free of any restrictions. However, in view of recent events, the discussion about whether to reinstate certain restrictions is resurfacing. Looking at the current numbers of sick people, we should rather be under no illusions. COVID-19 is still present in society worldwide and will not disappear so quickly. After a period of relative calm, we are back to more cases again. In view of this, it is likely that the obligation to cover the mouth and nose in public places will return soon, or in the autumn at the latest. This is actually a good idea. Masks protect us not only from coronavirus infection, but also from other infections. We often hear that masks make us less ill and less prone to various colds. 

Certainly, if there is another large wave of COVID-19 infections in our country, the order to use protective masks will return. It is therefore worth thinking about stocking up on protective masks now. At the moment, their prices are lower because demand for them has decreased. In the near future, demand will increase again and thus prices will certainly be much higher.

Protection and security

Protective maskIn order for it to give us adequate protection and be effective, it must be worn correctly and, moreover, it must adhere to our face. Protective masks are a basic and relatively inexpensive tool for combating all microbes. It is therefore important to use tried and tested products and buy them from good places. Our health should be a priority. It is up to us to decide whether we use disposable or reusable masks. The most important thing is to wear the mask correctly. Even the best mask will not be effective if you put it on incorrectly. Safety is particularly important.

Protective masks are invaluable in interrupting the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. The coronavirus, in order to exist, must have someone to transmit to. It is transmitted by the droplet route from a sick person to a healthy person. The sick person spreads the virus not only when sneezing and coughing, but also when simply speaking. The mask makes the invisible secretion much smaller. Protective masks are essential to stop the spread.

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During the 2 years of our company's existence, I have some important dates that have been a stepping stone for us to grow with the highest quality of our products.

In response to the market needs and guidelines related to the pandemic, in March 2021, we launched the production of FFP2 NR filtration half masks.
In October and November 2020, we managed to reach and start cooperation with major retail networks in Poland. At present, we supply medical masks that can be purchased by customers from the store shelf, but which also protect the staff.
Type II three-layer masks medical masks are aimed at protecting us against pathogens, namely harmful particles floating in the air.
In September 2019, we opened the first production plant that principally manufactured stretch foils, including our flag product: ECO STRETCH foil. Our offer also includes promo bags, including of HDPE, with the attestation from the National Institute of Hygiene.

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At the Production Plant in Drwalewice, we manufacture polyethylene (PE) products, i.e. stretch film, eco film, food film, HDPE / LDPE commercial bags, HDPE / LDPE sacks and pouches.

Our production technology is based on the elimination of waste and its reuse, which contributes to environmental protection

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We manufacture Type II and FFP2 medical masks for Polish and European markets.

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