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Inhalation oxygen

Inhalation oxygen is used to carry out oxygen therapy at home. We do not have to go to a hospital or any other medical facility. Everything can be done at home. Oxygen therapy allows to improve the comfort of life. It is very effective in the fight against insomnia. Oxygen supplied to the body is able to calm us down and improve blood circulation. Moreover, it supports functioning of our immune system and production of hormones. The course of oxygen therapy will be different depending on the illness we want to fight. The flow and method of application of oxygen will be individually established and decided by the doctor.

Why useDo you use oxygen therapy?

Medical oxygen is effective, but the success of the therapy depends on whether it has been appropriately selected. The patient at home should benefit from it as much as possible during each day. Our lifestyle is also important.

It is definitely worth keeping the body in good shape by carrying out daily physical activity. People undergoing oxygen therapy treatment should avoid fatty meals. This is important for the metabolic process.

Benefits of oxygen therapy:

  • improvement of psychophysical fitness
  • alleviation of respiratory distress
  • improved well-being of the patient,
  • effective fight against insomnia
  • better oxygenated internal organs 

Inhalation oxygen

Inhalation oxygen it's different medical oxygen. It usually comes in a can, in which it has been compressed. Such an oxygen concentrator can quickly help us after great physical exertion. It contains as much as 95% oxygen in its pure form. Medical oxygen is often used by people who suffer from sleep apnoea. It can be very helpful in treating this type of condition. It brings immediate relief and allows normal functioning.

PRAESIDIUM OxyWatt regenerative oxygen

Oxywatt is 95% pure inhalation oxygen. Contains natural flavouring
refreshing mint and juicy grapefruit. It also has added iodine in its composition. OXYWATT contains 5 litres of oxygen, which is compressed at a pressure of up to 10 bar.

Thus, it fits into a light and handy 0.5 L can. In fact, we can always have such an inhalation oxygen in a can with us. Many people feel much safer and more comfortable having medical oxygen with them.

This high gas compression is made possible by the use of modern technology. W regenerative oxygen PRAESIDIUM OxyWatt uses the highest quality components such as German valves and Swiss-made containers with antibacterial coating.

A specially designed mask is also an interesting solution. Thanks to it, the oxygen pressure during inhalation is significantly lowered. Thanks to this the application of oxygen is safe for the respiratory tract and guarantees fast response.

PRAESIDIUM OxyWatt products contain three in 100% natural ingredients:

  • 95% pure oxygen
  • 5% inert gas
  • natural oil or iodine

Inhalation oxygen and its key features

  • The most important ingredient inside is 95% pure oxygen substance, which makes the product very natural
  • The small bottle gives great efficiency and lasts for multiple applications
  • Tinhalation flax also serves as an inhaler. This makes it very easy to administer at home. It is used by athletes who train above average and sometimes need an increased amount of oxygen in the body. Medical oxygen helps to prepare the body for the next series of exercises
  • The use of inhaled oxygen helps to improve memory and restore alertness in chronically ill people. Oxygen therapy is able to reduce stress levels and improve concentration. Over time, it reduces sleepiness and improves the quality of sleep
  • Inhalation oxygen is a safe product. It can be used by people who suffer from shortness of breath and have even slight breathing problems. It is also very popular among people suffering from asthma.
  • Oxygen therapy supports our cardiovascular system and helps the brain to work optimally
  • Medical oxygen effectively replaces oxygen cylinders, therefore it is worth owning and always having with you
  • The only hazard to be aware of when using medical oxygen is fire. Of course there is a warning about this in the instructions for use. Oxygen spray is flammable, so do not use it near a fire. It is best not to carry fire at all.

Inhalation oxygen - how to use it properly?

Before use, it is a good idea to measure yourself carbonation blood. This is by far the best way to determine blood oxygen saturation. It is enough to use a small electronic device for this. Our result will be shown on the screen. It is worth getting acquainted with what oxygenation is correct and what is not. Measuring the saturation is very easy and does not require any complicated skills.

What is the appropriate oxygen saturation of the blood?

To be considered normal, the oxygen saturation of the blood in our body should be around 100%. As a rule, in completely healthy people it will be just 99-100%. It is important, for example, that in smokers it will be less. It should be around 95% and this will be perfectly normal. It is important that the oxygenation level does not fall below 90%. Any result above 90% will not be a life-threatening situation.

However, a drop in saturation below 95% will not necessarily be a perfectly normal situation. Problems with hypoxia may then arise. This is a condition where the blood is unable to supply sufficient oxygen to our tissues.

Mostly this type of problem affects one of our organs, but over time it can spread to more systems of our body. It can be, for example, the immune system or others.

Oxygen spray is recommended for use by healthy people. This is why it is so popular with athletes who put in superhuman effort and hard endurance training.

Oxygen inhalation oxygen - how long will one pack last?

Portable Oxygen Inhaler Oxygen 4.5 l is 99.5% of pure oxygen, which has been condensed in a small can (with a capacity of 4.5 litres). This amount is sufficient for approx. 35 inhalations, each lasting approx. 2 seconds.

Such inhalations can be very helpful and effective in treating certain respiratory ailments. In addition, very often such an oxygen concentrator works well for people who work out intensively. It will also be useful for those who study a lot or are exposed to many stressful situations at work. Oxygenation of the body is important in the fight against insomnia. Therefore, people suffering from it often reach for a canned oxygen concentrator. The oxygen concentration is suitable for them and using such an oxygen can significantly improves their sleeping comfort. Problems related to oxygen deficiency can make our lives considerably miserable.

Living with respiratory problems can be very troublesome. Thanks to the use of Oxygen inhalation we can get rid of problems connected with circulatory insufficiency. Moreover, well-oxygenated tissues will help to improve the condition of our skin. That is why oxygen is also important in cosmetology and treatment of all skin problems.

How does inhalation oxygen work?

Regulaqrne use of inhalations will cause significant oxygenation of all our cells, which will significantly improve our well-being. We can expect that in a fairly short time the symptoms of chronic fatigue and exhaustion will disappear. Our mood should also stabilise. This is because proper oxygenation of all our cells should have a positive effect on our mood.

The right amount of oxygen in the blood makes it easier to fall asleep. In addition, it makes this sleep deeper and more valuable. We wake up in a better mood and with new energy for life.

Oxygenation affects migraines. If we have been suffering from severe headaches, oxygen therapy has the potential to make these problems disappear completely or be significantly alleviated. The alleviation of headache symptoms can have a significant impact on our entire life and proper functioning.

A properly oxygenated body has fewer problems with memory and concentration. Therefore, it is worth controlling your oxygenation during periods of intensive work or study. If you experience problems with learning or concentrating, it is worth measuring your oxygenation level. This may be a prescription for your problems.

Oxygen therapy supports natural detoxification processes and helps the body cope with smog and pollutants present in the air, especially urban air. Thus, it will have a positive impact on the condition of our skin.

Contraindications to oxygen inhalation

People suffering from chronic diseases (asthma, breathing problems) should consult a doctor before using inhalation oxygen. In addition, it is better not to use oxygen during fevers of unknown origin, circulatory insufficiency and middle ear disease.

Chest injuries and recent surgical procedures within the body will also rule out the use of oxygen therapy.

How is inhalation oxygen used?

Inhalation oxygen is very convenient to use and easy to apply. It is designed to be used by yourself in your own home. For this we do not need the help of a doctor. The inhalation set consists of a can with inhalation oxygen and a mask with a tube. In order to start a proper inhalation it is necessary to:

  1. Place the tube on top of the can (in the special nozzle)
  2. Put on mask to cover mouth and nose tightly (can be adjusted with elastic band)
  3. Take an inhalation, press the special dispensing button and then hold it for about 2 seconds.
  4. Release the button and exhale.
  5. Perform the same operation several times.

It is best if you wait about 10 minutes before each successive series. Do not exceed the safe daily dose.

The use of oxygen is completely safe and simple.

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